Nokon gear sets now available in carbon, and white enamel. see our products page.

Imagine...a single system for index shifting and braking.

Imagine...a fiberglass reinforced fluoropolymer liner for that no friction feel.

Imagine...a cable housing made from light weight, corrosion free aluminum.

Imagine...tight cable runs that are no problem.

Imagine...all this and more in a cable system that has been tested under the

 harshest conditions by the best riders in the world in the Tour de France.      

Welcome to Nokon-the cable and housing system for the 21st century. The result of years of careful German engineering, Nokon is the patented cable and housing system that is designed to provide the most flexible braking and accurate shifting ever achieved.  The single system for brakes and index shifting, Nokon cables and housing remain supple when braking, yet laterally stiff to ensure crisp shifting. Available in the original polished aluminum finish or in black.


Nokon cables and housings are distributed through your independent bike dealer.    

For the location of a dealer near you, please contact us.